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Welcome to the collaborative part of our web-site. This site is designed to help us support each other on each of our family's learning journey. Imagine a huge virtual meeting place where we can easily share learning activities, resources, ideas and thoughts. Think Wikipedia for progressive, earth-friendly, sustainability-oriented learning. This site is designed to support a virtual community where we all have equal rights to search and add content. This enables us to learn with and from each other.

Terms of Use


Our commons includes 4 main PARTs (People, Activities, Resources and Topics):

People in Our Community

To browse content already available on the system click the link for any of these four PARTs. If you get lost at any time you can always click Home in the upper left corner of any web-page on this site.

As you can see, these four kinds of content are interconnected. People, activities and resources are listed under topics; people, topics and resources are listed under activities and people, topics and activities are pointed at from resources.

To add content, simply click on any "add" link you find. For example, you could browse the resources that have already been documented by clicking "Resources" above. To add a new resource, you could click the "Add a new Resource" link you'll find under the list of resources. Another way to add or edit content is to mouse over the small gear icon in the upper right corner of many cards. This will activate a drop down menu. Mouse over the edit tab and select content to edit the content of the card. Only people with accounts can see or add content. To request an account, click "sign up" in the right of the wagn title bar or just click here.